LIDER Starter [1 HP] [LBMS- 1036] [Water Filled Pump]

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  • LIDER 1HP Control Panel for single-phase Motor Pump provided with 20Amps BCH type Contactor 2 pole with easy replaceable heavy-duty fixed and moving contacts and Coil Voltage range between 160-240 Volts with easy replacement of coil.
  • Switching device provided-Single Pole Miniature Circuit Breaker [MCB-C Series-Inductive Load] of capacity 16 Amps which ensures protection against short circuit.
  • Start Capacitors of rating 150-200 Mfd provided for giving initial torque to the motor of 1 HP connected to Start Button which charges and discharges the start capacitor.

  • Run Capacitors of rating 72 Mfd provided for smooth running and better life to a motor of 1 HP connected to Neon bulb indication for showing motor running condition.
  • Ammeter provided with for measuring current consumed by the motor pump. Voltmeter provided for measuring incoming voltages and can be read by pressing a switch for the long life of voltmeter. Heavy Bakelite Connectors [30 Amps] capacity provided for easy connection of incoming Power and outgoing Motor supply wires. [Please see full PRODUCT DESCRIPTION below]


  • Starting and protection of pump-set done by this single product.
  • Motor and Supply wire directions are given for easy connections.
  • Connector terminals for easy connection.
  • Best quality panel accessories used for long-life operation.
  • CR sheet enclosures, elegant powder coating after pretreatment.
  • Wires(ISI) were used indicating colours Red (R), Yellow(Y), and Blue(B).
  • Every end of the wire is soldered/crimped by terminals to avoid sparking.
  • Thread Lockner applied to every nut and bolt to avoid loose contacts.
  • Product directly going from Manufacturer to Consumer.

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    Designed to start up single phase motors smoothly

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