LIDER Water Overflow Alarm [Any HP]


  • Many a time, it happens that, the pump is left running even after our water tank on the roof is completely filled with water.
  • We generally remain unaware of the overflow.
  • Our LIDER Water Overflow Alarm prevents the water from overflowing.


  • Small device, Saves Water, Electricity and Time.
  • Easy to install in all kinds of Overhead & Underground tanks.
  • NO use of the battery. NO maintenance is required.
  • Output 3 V DC supply only. Solid-state PCB inside.
  • Prevents damage to roofs and walls from overflowing water
  • Product directly going from Manufacturer to Customers.


  • Overhead/Underground water tanks.
  • Our products are ideally suitable for water supply in houses, bungalows, offices, hospitals, factories, hotels & restaurants, apartments, multistory buildings, commercial centers and all places with water tanks.

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