• For safe running of 3-phase equipments, special protection devices are required to keep a continuous watch on supply conditions.
  • The major cause of maximum 3-phase equipments burn-out is overloading which occurs due to unbalance supply or single phasing.
  • Phase failure occurs in case of loose connections, fuse blown-off or loss of phase from supply itself.
  • Protection to 3 phase equipments against single phasing, reverse phasing or unbalance voltage supply is one of the major problems in electrical systems.
  • Our LIDER Phase Failure Relay gives these protections along with HIGH/LOW voltage tripping to ensure trouble free running of 3 Phase equipments.
  • Our LIDER Phase Failure Relay gives ON indication by LED under healthy voltage conditions and during phase failure, reverse ?hasing or phase unbalance (40V +-6 V, Fixed) indication becomes OFF.

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  • Small device, Easy to install, Solid-state PCB.
  • Prevents equipments from Single Phasing,
  • Reverse Phasing & Unbalance Supply.
  • No Separate Auxiliary Supply Required.
  • Auto Resetting Mode available.
  • Auto manual switch provided for bypass condition (optional).
  • Horsepower(HP)- suitable for any HP rating pumps.
  • Pre-wired terminals for easy connection.
  • Product directly going from Manufacturer to Customers.
Our Products are ideally suitable for all Three Phase Equipments-Electrical Panels, Compressor motors, Electrical Test benches, Submersible pumps, Genset panels, Cold storage, Hoist Motor Controls, Valve Actuators, Motors Machine Tools, Injection Molding Machines, Packaging units, Central Air Conditioning Plants etc.

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Technical Specifications

Product Features

Colour IVORY
Dimensions (L X B X H)mm 102mm*35m*81mm
Weight (gms) 150gms
Voltage (volts) 3 Phase, 415 VAC, 50Hz
Relay Output (amps) One Change Over (1 NO) and 5 amps@ 230 VAC/ 28 VDC resistive load
Connection Diagram YES
Mounting Panel mounting /Screw type
Material ABS Electrical Grade Plastic Molded
Quality Control Govt. C.P.R.I. Bhopal Tested and Certified
Packing Box 3 layer Corrugated
Warranty Six months against any manufacturing defect