LIDER[Start Capacitor][6 Micron][100~120 Mfd (75)][LSMC]


Choosing right Capacitor
Choosing the wrong capacitance value for a motor can result in an uneven magnetic field, which can be observed as uneven motor rotation speed, especially under load. This can cause additional noise from the motor, performance drops, and increased energy consumption, as well as additional heating, which can cause the motor to overheat.


  • The role of the starting capacitor is to lag the current in the auxiliary winding during the motor startup phase, bringing two currents out of phase.
  • When the rotor reaches 75% of the maximum speed, the auxiliary coil is disconnected from the circuit by means of a centrifugal switch, and the motor remains powered by a single coil creating a pulsating magnetic field.

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  • MPP Film – Very high-quality MPP film with multilayer metallization – thus the voltage withstanding capacity of the capacitor is more.
  • Heavy Edge Film – of zinc provides better bonding between the electrode and the end spray – high current carrying capacity ensures better withstanding of the electromechanical stress caused by switching surges.
  • Wires – ISI marked wires used having ends shielded.
  • Low Dissipation Factor & Low Loss – Dielectric as Polypropylene – very low dissipation factor with low losses giving longer life to the capacitors.
  • Self-healing property – Excellent – Fault due to short circuit results into a small arch which evaporates the metallization in the area of breakdown in microseconds. Thus the reduction of the capacitance is very low due to self-healing and also the capacitors remain in operation.


  • Voltage Test
  • a) Between Terminals: 1.5 Times of Rated Voltage
  • b) Between Body & Terminals: 2000 VAC for 60 secs.
  • Endurance Test: 500 hrs. at 1.25 times Rated Voltage
  • Tan Delta Measurement Test: 0.002 at 50 Hz.
  • LCR Comparison Test
  • Charge Discharge test.

Applications of Capacitor-Start  Motor

The capacitor-start capacitor-run motors are used for driving loads of high inertia requiring frequent starts where the pull-out torque and the efficiency required are high such as −

  • Pumping equipment
  • Air compressors
  • Refrigerators
  • Exhaust Fan
  • Electric Fan

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Technical Specifications


Voltage Available 250-440 VAC Construction PP Can
Dielectric PP Termination wire/Tag
Impregnation PU Resin Application 1Phase Pump
Can Size in M.M. 45×95 Standard Pack 25


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