LIDER[10 HP][Three Phase Water Filled Submersible Pump Starter][LSD-BM-ASSD 10 HP]


  • LIDER Three phase pump starter for water-filled submersible/motor pump
  • Provided panel with [ LCH CONTACTOR + LCH RELAY ]Switching device-Thermal Overload Relay ensures Overload Protection and manual reset facility.[ Range:- 6~9.3 Amps ] 16 Amps Contactor 4 pole AC3 Motor Duty with easy replaceable fixed and moving contacts.
  • FEATURES:- Ammeter, Voltmeter with sensor switch, Three Phase Power R, Y & B indication, Power ON & Motor Trip Indicating Lamps.Power ON & Motor OFF Push Buttons, Auto/Manual Start Selector Switch, Provided panel with Overload Protection device- Circuit Breaker Equipment provided. Switching Devices:-MCB 3-Pole Miniature Circuit Breaker-(M.C.B- 16 Amps)-(C Series-inductive load) provided for short circuit protection.16 Amps Contactor 4 pole AC3 Motor Duty with easy replaceable.
  • AUTO-SWITCH STAR-DELTA:- Auto/Manual Start Mode, Protection against Single Phasing, Phase Reverse,& Phase Imbalance Supply, Auto Start Mode ensures automatic start with 45 sec. ON delay facility.
  • TIMER-STAR DELTA:-Set Time Range-15/60 secs [selectable] Star to Delta Change Over Pause Time 40-100 mili/sec

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  • Starting and Protection of Three-Phase Equipments
  • Prevents equipment from Single Phasing,
  • Reverse Phasing and Unbalance Supply
  • Trip Time delay– 2 to 3 secs for phase reversal & phase unbalance,
  • Trip Time delay <1 sec. for single phasing.
  • No Separate Auxiliary Supply Required.
  • Auto Resetting Mode available.
  • Auto manual switch provided for bypass condition (optional)
  • Motor and Supply wire directions are given for easy connections.
  • Connector terminals for easy connection.
  • Best quality panel accessories used for long-life operation.
  • CR sheet enclosures, elegant powder coating after pretreatment.
  • Every end of the wire is soldered/crimped by terminals to avoid sparking.
  • Thread Lockner applied to every nut and bolt to avoid loose contacts.
  • Product directly going from Manufacturer to Consumer.


For Our Products are ideally suitable for all Three Phase Equipments-Electrical Motors, Compressor Motors, Electrical Test benches, Submersible pumps, Gensetpanels, Cold storage, Hoist Motor Controls, Valve Actuators, Motors Machine Tools, Injection Molding Machines, Packaging units, Central Air Conditioning Plants, etc.

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Technical Specifications

Product Features

Colour GREY
Weight (gms) 2750
Voltage (volts) 415
Horsepower (HP) 10 H.P
Relay Output (amps) 6~9.3
Warranty 6 months against any manufacturing defect


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