LIDER[Any HP][Single Phase Water Dryrun Guard][L-WDG-WC1]


  • Many a time, it happens that, water in the bore well/well aquifer discharge is less than motor pump discharge, and the water coming out of the motor pump is not continuous.
  • The motor pump which is submerged in water will give water till it is having sufficient water in the bore well.
  • In case of insufficient water (when the water level goes down), then the motor pump runs without giving water which is called dry running of the motor pump.
  • Motor Pump running in dry condition will burn the motor pump and thus it will stop after a very short time.
  • Our product LIDER Water Dry Run Guard / Water Level Guard prevents the motor pump from dry running and thus subsequent burnout.
  • When the water in the bore-well falls below a set level (set by our sensing probe) often installed above the motor pump, a signal is sent initiating a trigger.
  • Thus LIDER Water Dry Run Guard / Water Level Guard will switch OFF the motor pump AUTOMATICALLY as per the set level position of the sensing probe.

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  • Small device, Saves Water, Electricity and Time. Auto and Manual switch provided for bypass condition.
  • Easy to install in all kinds of deep borewells/wells.
  • LED Indicator for water full (green) & water empty (red).
  • NO maintenance is required.
  • Solid-state PCB inside.
  • Prevents the motor pump from burnout.
  • Product directly going from Manufacturer to Consumer.


  • All Single Phase Motor Pumps without Contactor Control Panel including Monoblock/Openwell pumps etc.
  • Our products are ideally suitable for water supply in houses, bungalows, offices, hospitals, factories, hotels & restaurants, apartments, multistory buildings, commercial centers, and all places where Motor Pumps are installed in bore-well /wells.

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Technical Specifications


Colour GREY
Dimensions (L X B X H)mm 177mm*170mm*90mm
Weight (gms) 1500
Voltage (volts) 220~240 VAC, 50 Hz
Horsepower (HP) any HP rating pumps
Relay Output (amps) 5 amps 240 VAC [R]
Connection Diagram Connection diagram provided with Nuts and Screws.
Mounting Wall mounting /Screw type.
Material Powder-coated sheet metal
Quality Control Govt. C.P.R.I. Bhopal Tested and Certified
Packing Box 3 layer Corrugated
Warranty Six months against any manufacturing defect.


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