LIDER[Any HP][Three Phase Water Dryrun Timer ][L-WDT]


  • Many times, it happens that water in the bore well aquifer discharge is less than motor pump discharge and the water coming out of the motor pump is not continuous.
  • The motor pump which is submerged in water will give water till it is having sufficient water in the bore well.
  • In case of insufficient water (when the water level goes down), then the motor pump runs without giving water which is called dry running of the motor pump.
  • The motor pump running in dry condition will burn the motor pump and thus it will stop after a very short time.
  • Our product LIDER Water Dry Run Timer prevents the motor pump from dry running and thus subsequent burnout.
  • LIDER Water Dry Run Timer can be set at a predetermined time anywhere between 1-60 minutes. Calculate the time taken to by the motor pump when it runs smoothly with sufficient water coming out of the motor pump and set the LIDER Water Dry Run Timer just ahead of the time taken by the motor pump to discharge less than actual water from the bore well (insufficient water coming out ).
  • For example, if the motor pump runs smoothly with sufficient water in the bore-well for 25 minutes and after that, the motor pump discharge is less than actual then set the LIDER Water Dry Run Timer at approx 20 minutes which will switch OFF the pump set.
  • AUTOMATICALLY thus preventing the Motor Pump from Dry Running and subsequent burnout.
  • Thus LIDER Water Dry-Run Timer switches OFF the motor pump AUTOMATICALLY as per set time.

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  • Small device, Saves Water, Electricity and Time.
  • Auto and Manual switch provided for bypass condition also.
  • Easy to install as no wires required for sensor probes.
  • NO maintenance is required. Solid-state PCB inside.
  • NO sensors are required.
  • NO extra cost of wires is required to connect the pump control panel to the over the tank.
  • Prevents the motor pump from burnout.
  • Product directly going from Manufacturer to Consumer.


For Our Products are ideally suitable for all Three Phase Equipments-Electrical Motors, Compressor Motors, Electrical Test benches, Submersible pumps, Gensetpanels, Cold storage, Hoist Motor Controls, Valve Actuators, Motors Machine Tools, Injection Molding Machines, Packaging units, Central Air Conditioning Plants, etc.

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Technical Specifications

Product Features

Colour Black
Dimensions (L X B X H)mm 102mm*35m*81mm
Voltage (volts) 3 Phase, 415 VAC, 50Hz
Relay Output (amps) One Change Over (1 NO) and 5 amps@ 230 VAC/ 28 VDC resistive load
Connection Diagram YES
Mounting Panel mounting /Screw type
Material ABS Electrical Grade Plastic Molded
Quality Control Govt. C.P.R.I. Bhopal Tested and Certified
Packing Box 3 layer Corrugated
Warranty Six months against any manufacturing defect


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